Welcome to my newest personal challenge-

Project G.

Project Goals, Project Gown (gahhh!), Project Giraffe- It's really up for interpretation however it applies that day.

But seriously, I really wasn't kidding about the giraffes. My family has always had an affinity for giraffes and so I've named my project in honor of that. The giraffe is said to make an appearance when we need a reminder that we all are grandiose beings and we have remarkable potential to achieve our goals...

Isn't that just perfect during the ongoing struggle and adventure that is trying to live a healthy lifestyle?

This is really just the beginning for me.

I'm just starting this lifelong journey of attempting to be the best, healthiest, version of myself every single day. I owe it to myself and my loved ones to be the greatest "me" I can be!

If you want a change and a friend to keep you accountable, join me! Let's do this together. Project G is my attempt to include the people I care about in this kick ass journey I'm on. I'm learning and living it right now too, so why not have some company in the struggle?

We can do this!

If you're ready for this crazy roller coaster ride, why not make me your coach?

Getting healthy is such a rewarding goal to set and if you're curious about how we can do this together, just send me a message! I'd love to help you set a goal and then be there to see each other through it!

(If you're just curious to look up some of the Beachbody stuff on your own, just head over to the site!)

Become that grandiose being you can be! I'm working on it every day.