Taking on the "30 before 30" challenge...

New year. New goals.

And I have some big ones...

Some of the groups I'm a part of on Facebook are geared mainly toward women just having a chance to be creative through various paper crafts. It's amazing to see what people can put together and being a full fledged paper-and-pen-aholic, I just eat this stuff up. However! In one of these groups recently, when faced with the idea of setting new goals and making big things happen in the new year, I kept seeing women just shut down. More than shut down really! They got very verbal about not being one of "those" kind of people and said the idea of setting goals did not interest them in the slightest.

Even more than that- they hated it.

This was so foreign to me. I lead monthly groups where people set big goals and actively work toward them. Groups where we all help each other stay accountable and conquer huge things for ourselves. Seeing that I was now a member of another group where people were so adamant about coming together over how much they HATE that concept really made my head explode. But I kept my mouth shut...

 At least over on that page.

I happen to believe, wholeheartedly, that if the idea of setting goals is uncomfortable to you, you need to put on your big kid pants and SET SOME GOALS! Do what scares you every now and then! What good is this life if we are just living each day as a repeat of the one that came before it? It is never too late to learn and grow and expect more out of ourselves. It's not being ungrateful and it doesn't mean you aren't truly content with your life. You're just living your life fully! And flexing those muscles keeps you fresh and actively involved in your own life, so you can be your best self for you, your loved ones, and everyone around you.

Setting goals doesn't always have to mean doing more, though. It can also be about slowing down and taking more time for the commitments and people in your life already. Things like my word for 2016, "BE", where the goal is to be more present and authentic. It doesn't take a whole lot more than daily heightened awareness in things I was already doing. 

My point is, don't discredit goal setting as things only those crazy self-help book reading weirdos do... Even though it totally is. They're just really on to something.

And- I'm totally one of "those" people.

So much so that I've decided that plain old New Year's Resolutions are not going to cut it this year. Not this year, the last of my 20s! This year calls for something much greater. Something from the brilliance of Pinterest...

A "30 before 30" challenge!

Goals are personal so this isn't a one size fits all list. This is my list! My journey to push myself further and experience as much growth and life as possible this year.

So as I go along, I'll be sharing the adventures right here. Welcome to it!

You'll notice the very first thing on the list is to blog weekly. While this list is going to hopefully help with that, I also have big dreams for By the Seat of my Shorts. I want it to help people. I want to add value to your lives through my writing and hopefully, by sharing my stories, inspire and encourage some of you to live your lives full of more joy. There will be more new and exciting things popping up here in the months to come and I hope you'll all keep coming by to be part of it.

I have to admit, the idea of blogging every week scares me. Quite a bit. Even sitting down to write this post took me all day. I kept moving other things up my to-do list to put it off. I'm a recovering perfectionist and as much as I LOVE blogging, I worry non-stop about every post and how it may be perceived. But this year is about embracing my imperfections and doing things that push me out of my comfort zone.

So here goes nothing! Or rather, here goes everything! Here's to a year of incredible personal growth and hopefully helping a lot of you start to do the same.

Like I love to tell my challengers over on Project G, let's make some magic!