Wedding Week Reminiscing...

It's hard to believe it's already been over 2 months since the most magical day of our lives.

We talk about it, every little detail that went into it and the crazy rollercoaster that was that week, constantly. We jam packed the week with activities for everyone to enjoy and I just wanted to share some of my favorites. So I give you-

A wedding week photo dump!

Starting with our day at the Magic Kingdom. I really wanted a day before things got too nuts where we just enjoyed the park with our immediate family. No stress, no real plans, just the first time the nephews would be at Disney. It was so special! And lets be honest, a little hot too.

And then we had an insanely crazy day that we're just glad everyone came out on the flip side in (mostly) one piece and with a decent amount of our sanities. 

But after that, our entire bridal party joined us for a day of Epcot's Food and Wine Festival! How we kept a group this big together I'll never know. And after a hot, sunny day, we got caught in a torrential down pour as we tried to walk out.

And finally, the morning of the rehearsal, we brought anyone that wanted to join us out to the park where the wedding was going to be held for a friends and family "Warm your Cold Feet 5k!" Atlas we provided donuts, bananas, and water! We were blown away by how many of our loved ones came out and just got moving. 5k or not, it was amazing to just be outside enjoying the people we love.

And that was all before we even got into all the wedding business!

I think everyone was exhausted by the time we got to wedding day, but we wouldn't have had it any other way. We made some incredible memories around our special day. We're just so grateful our day was completely surrounded by this much love.

Much more wedding recap business to come!