Kerfuffled thoughts.

Every now and then I get overwhelmed.

Some of the things that overwhelm me are legitimate and others are these made up scenarios or larger than life worries that I have no control over. When the weight of these worries stack up, I have no idea what to do. So in an effort to release the overwhelming feeling,

I'll just unload them here.

Let's just start with the nonstop onslaught of negativity on the internet.

Yup, not something I can control. But it seems I cannot scroll through my Facebook newsfeed without coming across some of it. When a same sex couple is seen on a Disney show and the internet explodes with disgusting comments or a commercial with a song sung in different languages spurs a ridiculous Twitter attack- I just want to crawl into my little hole and wait for the idiots to weed themselves out.

Are you happily living your life and doing whatever is in your power to make YOURSELF a better human being?


What your neighbor is doing  in pursuit of that same thing has no hold on you.

Let it be.

It overwhelms me that common human decency is an impossible concept for some people. And no matter what I think or feel or how logical I may attempt to be in adding a comment to a conversation, it feels impossible to get through to the stubbornly unwilling to listen.

I am truly blessed to lead a life surrounded by amazing human beings, open and ready for change. I see it every day. Within my circle- equality is alive and well. No, more than that- It is thriving! It's thriving in the form of friendships, relationships, marriages, families, all some of the most nurturing and fulfilling I've had the pleasure to be around. It is an overwhelming feeling to be able to see it so clearly and yet be bombarded by the opposition thanks to close-minded people with access to social media. 

Combine that with people struggling with health issues, animal abuse and shelter overcrowding, UNICEF commercials that just tug at your heart strings, and just every other bad thing in the world- how do we not get overwhelmed?!

I'm one person. And some times I get overwhelmed that I cannot do enough to actually make an impact on how #%$^ed up this world is. And for lack of a better term- that sucks.

So I try to go about my life. Focus on me and my circle. Live my life to the best, most compassionate standards, I possibly can. Nurture and protect my life, to the best of my ability.

That's the best I can do.

Yet, if I post a status thought to be remotely superficial, I'm looked down upon.

Do not mistake a light and fluffy, happy-go-lucky status as the entirety of my substance. Do not assume that a silly post about my tiny life problems in any way negates my awareness that my life scope is a blessed and wonderful one. It irks me when I read comments that assume these things about me. 

I do what I can to not suffocate in the negativity all around us.

I try to do what's right by me and help others whenever I am able.

Assume all you want that I am just "one of those girls"... in the end, you're no better than any of the other judgmental jerks out there. 

Now, I'll just be over here watching stupid videos on YouTube to decompress.