Discovering my 2015 word of the year...

If you've had a conversation with me lately, you know I have really jumped head first into the amazingness that is focused goal planning. It seems like common sense but something we so often forget- 

We can't go anywhere if we don't set our sights on where we're headed.

Resolutions are wonderful! I've set them every year and I still set some now going into this new year. But what about clear focus? A real intention as you head into the next year that you can aim your energy at to truly accomplish big things. That's what I found when my coach and mentor Becka posted about finding a word for the new year.

She talked about how this was an exercise she'd been using for years and how she just meditates and finds one word to focus her intentions on. (Read her post about it here!) Of course I was intrigued! I wanted to find my word!!!

I do some of my best meditating in the car while I'm driving. As weird as it sounds, and while I do love music, I often find myself turning the radio off or down really low. I do it unconsciously most of the time! It's just so busy and I'd rather take the time to think my thoughts. :) So my next drive in to work, I set out to find my word! I went through a bunch. I was thinking along the lines of starting something big. The thought of something contagious with endless possibility. A word came to me but I didn't want to commit to it just yet. It felt great but I wanted to know for sure this was my word.

My sister is an Origami Owl designer and she had a party at my place and I LOVED some of the stuff. I fell for a particular charm of Cassiopeia because I've always had a soft spot for constellations. The name of the charm was "serendipity" and the tag for it reads "on your path to seeking something, you discover something even better. Let it find you." What a neat thought...

The next day, I was out on a run and there was a lull in my music. For some random reason, my thoughts strayed to the party and that charm. So I thought, I want to hear the Cassiopeia song from Sara Bareilles...

I kid you not, it started right up.

"...she dreamed of a way to IGNITE."

There it was. The word that had been in my head the last couple days as my word for 2015 that I wasn't sure if I wanted to commit to. All laid out by the universe to smack me in the face. 


You just can't plan these things or even make them up. I just read one of Deepak Chopra's books called "The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire" and he talks all about how setting our intentions on specific ideas leads to them coming to fruition. Just by setting your intention, you are subconsciously always moving toward it and the universe is doing what it needs to do to make its magic. Amazing! He calls it synchrodestiny and just like he says in the book, once your eyes are open to the little coincidences you'll start noticing them every where.

I'm so inspired by the focus that's come into my life lately and as much as I have my sights set on specific things, I have no idea how life will unfold to get me from point a to point b. Adventure! 

There are lots of things on the brink of igniting in 2015 and I can't wait to see how it all goes...

If you guys do this exercise, I'd love to hear your words. How did you find them? There's no specific science to it. Just trust yourselves! It's much easier than you'd try to make it.

I hope you all have an absolutely magical start to this New Year. I hope you dream bigger than your brains can think possible and that everything you do this year gets you closer to those dreams.

Happy New Year.