Progress not Perfection- The First 4 months of Project G

Thinking back on launching Project G 4 months ago always makes me laugh.

I remember distinctly asking my coach/mentor- "Ok but how hard would it be to cancel a coach account?"

Silly, silly 4 months ago Krystina... she had no idea what she was getting herself into.

In the greatest, most grandiose way possible.

I jumped into Beachbody coaching first and foremost because I wanted the discount on my Shakeology. Plain and simple. But amazing things happen in our lives without us planning for them. We cross paths with specific people, we see images that seem random, and before we know it, this completely chaotic and nonsensical path we've been on is an actual planned out life. Just as it was meant to be.

That's how I feel about my experience in starting Project G.

Needless to say, I made some missteps here and there. Had to reschedule workouts, ate some craptastic for you though delicious holiday treats, drank a little too much at parties- but that's all part of real life! Despite all those things, I was actively trying to be a healthier and all around better person and I like to think Project G has pushed me to stay focused on that in a way I could never have done on my own.

The first 2 months I did a full round of Piyo. Which was wonderful because I got to pretend I was centered and deep and focused enough to do yoga or pilates and somehow while I faked it, I actually sculpted my body into this ridiculous thing I'm walking around in now. lol Namaste. Holy crap did that program work wonders on my body. So once I earned my free shirt, I decided to add in T25 for the next couple months just to switch things up. I had already made it a habit to work out every day for the last 2 months, what's a couple more? And with a little more high intensity workouts sprinkled in? Why not! I pushed myself like I never have before and on the last day of those first 4 months, I ran faster then ever and I sweat enough to fill a swimming pool on my last T25!

And somehow, through all of that, I got in all of my training runs. I have just a week and a half left of my taper but i think its pretty safe to say I'm home free at this point. How is it possible that by adding in more workouts and expecting more of myself this year I got in WAY more of my runs and feel healthier, more energetic, and more focused on being a balanced human being than ever before? Somehow, I did it. And the results agreed with me.

Little by little, one day at a time, I made amazing things happen.

I still get asked all the time, How do you do it?

I'm going to be totally honest with you-

I have no flipping clue.

But I think it goes right along the same lines as that Bill Cosby routine where he talks about being able to ride your bike on the ceiling until someone tells you its impossible. So as far as I'm concerned, I can do all this and much, much more...

Just watch me.

But I think one of the big keys to my success the last 4 months has been the power of support. First off, my coach and mentor's team, Better Together Fitness Project, has inspired me to see so much possibility in this new business adventure. Every day my teammates inspire me to lead from the heart and be the best coach I possibly can be for my team. I've met incredible fit friends that never stop pushing me and I can't imagine this journey without them giving me such a strong jumping off point and constant support.

But then there's my Project G-ers...

These guys have been my absolute heart and soul these last few months. I don't think they could ever begin to understand how much they all inspire me every day. From the second I receive their first message that they might be interested in trying something new. These friends are people that are entrusting me, little tiny 'just one person' ME, to help, push, and grow WITH them as we try to become the best versions of ourselves possible. And we actively work at it every day. Of course we mess up, that's real life! But this isn't a temporary fix. This is a happy, healthy lifestyle we are all aiming for and helping each other stay focused on. It's so much more than the challenge group or the idea of a daily post. It's these connections and the energy I get when I know everyone on the team is invested in each other's success. We're a family and we make each other stronger just by showing up for each other every day. It blows me away over and over again. How can I not be inspired when I have somehow managed to surrounded myself with the most incredible people that are focused on seeing and being the positive?

Happiness and positivity begets more happiness and positivity.

I am 100% inundated in that and in the magic of endless possibilities and I could not be more satisfied by that. I'm so thankful for the incredible people the jumped into Project G from the very beginning. I couldn't have dreamed of a better army of fitness warriors and friends to be surrounded by. They have so much heart and I'm humbled they want to share it with me.

Here's to 2015 and all the grandiose things it holds for my little Project G...