Stitch Fix #5.

Woo! It feels like it's been ages since I've written about anything other than running... I have to be honest it feels a little odd. 

But a super kick booty Stitch Fix box is a very deserving break from my recent focus! Besides- now that the Disney Full is over, I'll be filling my time with half marathons and 5ks so things won't be quite as intense. Gives me more time to get back to crafty/cooking/home improvement-y things on my free time... when I find free time.

This box marks my 5th fix! 

(If you have no idea what I'm talking about- here's the low down from the first box I ever got and here's the actual Stitch Fix site you can check out!)

Like I always tell my friends when they get their boxes, I feel like the important thing to keep getting better and better fixes is to be as honest and specific as possible with your feedback! I absolutely LOVE my stylist and how much she listens to what I have to say. Addie nailed this last box and I couldn't help but keep the whole thing. 


1. Crochet detailed blouse- Kept it! I loved the feminine and classic look of this top. It's loose fitting but not oversized and so versatile depending what you pair it with. I really love lace details! The lace along the neckline makes it sexy without being tacky in your face. That's my kind of sexy!

2. Polka dot skirt- Kept it! I don't know that an explanation is necessary- I love polk dots. I love fun skirts with high waists. This was a no brainer as soon as I opened the box! It's fun and flirty. I especially love bottoms and dresses that highlight my small waist and then flare out over my hips that I'm a little more self conscious about. This skirt is perfect! I'm just so sad it got cold here in Florida all of a sudden so I haven't had a chance to wear it yet.

3. Swarovski necklace- Kept it! I'm not big on gold jewelry but lately I've been warming up to it. I was still a little hesitant when I first saw this in my box but I was so wrong! It's small and dainty and goes perfect with absolutely everything. Honestly! I could wear this every day. I love it. I'm not one for big flashy jewelry but I still love to have just a little something to add a girly sparkle. This does exactly that! 

4. Drape front cardigan- Kept it! I think my sole reasoning for keeping this was because it's just the comfiest sweater in the entire world. Comfort is big for me in clothes! I really am trying to put style first but I always fall back to comfy. But when I can manage to have both- I'm a happy lady! What I especially love about this sweater is that it's cut short above my butt in the back. Since I am curvier, sweaters that come down over my butt often make me look a little shapeless. The cut of this sweater gives me the look I like from the front while maintaining my real silhouette from behind.

5. Knit sweater- Kept it! I think I've already worn this 3 times since I got it. Whoops! I can't help it- Im in love with this sweater. I love oversized sweaters and this is just the right size so I don't look like I'm living in hand me downs. It's navy blue which gives me a little bit of color and the slight v-neck keeps it from looking frumpy. Plus- the look and texture of the knit makes it visually interesting. Cute, casual, classic, and comfy. My dream come true and uniform of choice for an easy going date night!

See? How could I not keep the whole box?

And I'm even more excited for my February fix! I mentioned in my feedback that February is Valentines Day AND my 27th birthday- so I'll have lots to celebrate! Hoping to continue solidifying my style and fully embracing my strong, sexy self as I start another trip around the sun!


Have you joined Stitch Fix yet?