5 on Friday.

I'm fairly certain that us being at the end of another week is actually the result of some kind of wizardry and not legitimate passing of time. I'm almost positive we were just in Wisconsin... 

Plus I did nothing this week. 

So there's that. 

I so desperately wanted to make the most of this last week before Casey goes to Spain. Instead, I ended up not doing anything. Well that's not entirely true- I reorganized my craft room and got the files on my laptop cleaned up. Yes. A true win for OCD me. But a big ol' fail for the "Holy poop, I'm gonna miss him for a month" side of me. Unfortunately, that Disney magic that we work our tails off to bring everyone often requires over night working. So our hours together this week were mainly spent sleeping or resting to recoup for his next overnight. And the weather was not in our favor either. :/ The joys of hurricane season in Florida.

So rather than dwelling on him leaving tomorrow, let's celebrate some of the highlights from this past week! Loads of them at the start since we were on our trip and then it really slowed down as we regrouped and got ready for Casey's big trip... 


{ONE}  Because of where the wedding was, it was actually easier for us to fly in to Minnesota. This meant we got to meet up with one of my college friends for an early dinner before heading to Wisconsin. I love this woman. One of my favorite things about the people in my life that I truly consider good friends is that no matter how much time passes, I can sit across the table from them and talk about anything with no fear of judgement and be just as comfortable as if not a day had passed. I'm beyond lucky to have people like that and truly lucky to call this snot face my friend. :) Yes. I did say what you think I said.


{TWO}   The wedding!! It was beautiful, perfect, and delicious. There was so much love everywhere you looked and that's the most you could ever wish for at a wedding. I've been to a few weddings and it's my humble opinion that the best ones are always those that are a true reflection of the bride and groom. It makes everyone there feel like they're in on your secret- the story of the couple. That's what makes a wedding memorable and magical in my eyes. This was absolutely one of those weddings. From the handmade details, the twinkle light bent tree arch ways, the home brewed beer, to the end of night bon fire- I could seriously go on and on. Good times with good people. A perfect weekend. A little time with the baby nephews didn't hurt either. 


{THREE}  The Epcot Food and Wine Festival starts today! They had a preview last night open to cast members so my guy and I squeezed in a couple hours to take a trip around the world. This is one of our favorite Disney events every year and usually we try to go a few times a year since we can just park hop over after work! Our schedules will make that a little harder this year... You can't really hop over from Spain that easily... You get them I'm not totally looking forward to this next month, right? 


{FOUR}  Officially started my training this morning for the Disney full marathon in January... If you missed the "Holy poop" post about it all yesterday, check it out here!


{FIVE}  Halloween is my guy's favorite. This big huge business trip he's going on means he'll be missing out on his favorite season almost entirely! So tonight, we will be decorating for Halloween, watching scary movies, and trying to squeeze in as much seasonal goodness as humanly possible- all the while doing the laundry, packing, and getting to bed at a reasonable time so he's ready to leave tomorrow... Hoping this can be fun and not stressful!

Giving the run down made it seem far more interesting than it seemed while I was living it... huh. Weird. 

I will say I've been a little lax and not as focused on my healthy life style I'm wanting to stick to. I think it's time to hunker down and really refocus on my healthy eating and training. Things are only going to get harder as we keep heading deeper into the giant snowball of a holiday season. So if I solidify my healthy habits now, these next couple months should be no problem!

Yup. Sound logic. 

Here's hoping I've got 5 really fun things to share next week. That'll mean I kept myself busy and hardly noticed he was gone at all...

How were your weeks?