5 on Friday.

While this week was happening, I kept feeling like it was crazy, and busy, and never ending. Then I stopped to think about the highlights and what 5 things to share and to be honest, all I could think of was "Well, I worked. And then worked a little bit. Oh, and then I worked some more. But then don't forget about the few days I worked and then went to work."

... Soooo there's that. :)

But honestly, like I've said so many times before, I'm lucky as poot to do what I do and to have the playtime I have the privilege to call "work." I'm just a little on the tired side. 

On the super duper up side of this extra long jam packed work week, we head to Wisconsin today for a barely 48 hour trip to get to see one of my guy's cousin's get married!! (That sentence made no sense, but I'm fairly positive you can decode it. So just do that.) And this girl is phenomenal so I know her wedding will be nothing short of that! Seriously- if she was a blogger, you'd all follow her and think "I wanna be like her." She's just awesome. Casey asked me the other day if I was ready for another of his family weddings (I've been to 2 since we've been together) and I told him I COULD NOT WAIT! They're the best. 

But all that shall be a story for next week!


{ONE} Ummm 3, kinda sorta 4ish, words- Pumpkin. Pie. PopTarts. This won't make much sense, but it tastes like a pumpkin donut. And even though it's 200 calories for one, I will gladly run 2 miles any day to indulge in one of these guilt free. 


{TWO} Having a guy that you send a text to at about 3pm saying "I know I was gonna make Italian food tonight, but I'm REALLY craving a cheeseburger..." and then proceeds to purchase and grill said meal instead of the pasta you were planning to make- ROCKS! Combine that w/ my 64 calorie "beer" and an open bag of Boom Chicka Pop and I was in heaven. What a successful night in! 


{THREE} One of the first things I ever pinned on my Skinny Eats Pinterest board was a recipe for non-cookie cookies that are just bananas, quick cooking oats, and chocolate chips. I finally made them! Surprisingly, they were delicious and I didn't even feel bad about eating all of them over the 24 hours that followed. It was bananas... and oatmeal... and a couple chocolate chips. :) No guilt!


{FOUR} My full marathon training starts next week and the chart I made myself is officially up on the fridge. Thats it. No turning back now. Because paying the entree fee apparently wasn't enough of a "no turning back" point but putting a cute chart you made on photoshop up on your refrigerator is. This is a fact. More on this next week!


{FIVE} OS 7 IS OUT!! My adventures in updating were trying. But I persevered and I now have a beautifully up to date phone. Im obsessed. I don't care what the naysayers think, I think it's pretty and don't tell me I'm wrong. I spent all flipping day fighting with the terrible wifi at my work trying to get it. OF COURSE it didn't work until 2 minutes before I left for the day... Worth the wait though! I love it. 

And now, I shall fly away to the land where I don't count the calories in beer and cheese curds and happily indulge! All of that before coming home and eating healthy as I dive head first into marathon training...

See you on the flip side of cheat weekend!