Adventures of a Runner Girl- Getting a Garmin.

I think at this point in my running journey, it's pretty safe to refer to myself as a runner girl. When I first started running, people would ask me "Oh, so you're a runner?" And I would hem and haw and give a response that was somewhere along the lines of "Well, I run but I don't know that I would call myself a runner." 

As silly as it may be (blah blah- material things- blah blah- consumerism) there will always be certain purchases that make me feel more like a real runner.  Running shoes, running socks, body glide, lulu lemon tops- these are all among those very special purchases. And now, I have one more to add to my "list of things that legitimize my hobby"-

My Garmin Forerunner 210. 


*The off stage chorus rejoices!* 

How I ever got through so many half marathons without it, I'll never know.  I'm obsessed with this thing. I mainly went with this model because I wanted a gps fitness watch that offered connection to a heart rate monitor & easy interval set-up. I hadn't done any interval training before but I knew I didn't want to attempt training for or running a full marathon without intervals.

And I am attempting a full marathon. 

In 5 months. 


Oh holy poop. 

So, right out of the box the watch does need to be charged. But it has a fancy USB charger, it doesn't take long, and pretty soon you're on your way! 


The first time you set it up, you put in your age, your weight, your height, and your gender so this brilliant little watch can accurately judge you on your runs.


The intervals are VERY user friendly- you choose whether you want your intervals divided by distance or time, how far or how much time for each run and each rest interval, how many rounds you want to go, and whether or not you want to do a warm-up and/or cool down. Then once you start you're good to go! There's a little running man on the watch when you're on a run interval and a little man doubled over, in my opinion likely gasping for air, when you're on a rest interval. There's a 5 tone countdown to each new interval and a special chime that lets you know the next interval has started. Each interval counts down right on the main screen and even tells you what round out of however many rounds you chose you're currently on.

See? Easy! 

I haven't yet done any heart rate training but it does offer that too. Different heart rate zones offer you different advantages- for example, whether you want to improve your cardio or if you want to get the most fat burn are 2 different zones.Whatever your goal may be, you can set it to alert you if you get out of your target heart rate zone! Now, the color I got did not come with a heart rate monitor, so I did have to buy that separately. You don't need it to use the watch but I like using it to get a more accurate caloric burn measurement at the end of my run. You do have to wait until the end though to see how many calories you've burned. I used to tell myself I'd run until I reached 300 calories burned but you can't really do that running with this watch. You can't see calories burned until you've completed your run and you look up your final stats on the history page. But that really hasn't proved to be an issue for me. On some runs, I check out the history and think "Oh man! If I had just run for a couple more minutes I could've reached the 300 calories burned and my OCD self would be way happier!" But all in all, that one little thing hasn't affected how much I adore this watch.

I love it. 


Even though starting interval training did slow down my pace a bit, I really think it's helped me get more consistent. And goodness knows as I start upping my mileage in September really training for that Full in January (holy s#@!$) I'll be grateful for my consistency.

If this brought up any other questions about running or running watches- just ask me! I may not know a whole lot but I can speak from my own experience and I love talking about it! It gets me pumped. 

And I'll need all the pump I can get over the next 5 months... 

Hope you're excited for more running posts as we get closer and closer to that. 


Till then, I'll continue to kick some asphalt. Feel free to do the same.