My "Job(s)."

When my alarm went off this morning, I turned it off and fell right back to sleep for another hour. 

Luckily, I get to work the pm shift today. So the only real consequence was having to do my morning run once the sun had really settled into it's position to beat down on Central Florida with it's hell rays for the day.  

I think I melted. 

To say I'm tired is an understatement. 

You know, when I tell people I work for Disney, it seems there's this common misconception that I live on vacation... that could not be further from the truth. I work my booty off to make sure that everyone else, who is in fact on vacation, gets a little of that Disney magic they all pay a pretty penny for. And on some days, when I'm done making magic there, I head down the road to one of Kissimmee, Fl's finest tourist traps. Dinner and a show w/ all you can drink- and a bunch of us actors up there singing and making you laugh to try and make sure the end of your day is as good as it started. 

Exerting as much energy as I do, I can't help but get worn out and yes, even a little jaded at times. You see, yesterday went a little like this:

6:30am- Alarm went off... 

7am- Get your booty out of the house and run, even though you really don't feel like it today just thinking about what a long day it's going to be... 


7:30am- Take an hour to shower, get all your food ready for the day, get your face on, get your clothes together, and of course, put the keurig to good use!

9am- Get to work where you will pump out 5 high energy kid's shows running around stage, singing, dancing, and making ridiculous jokes w/ puppets. 

2:30pm- Brave the Florida afternoon rainstorms to make the trek across the park and out to the back of the parking lot where your car is parked. 


3pm- Run into Target for some quick essentials and Starbucks on your way to job #2...

3:30- Reapply much heavier make-up and somehow hide 1,000 lbs of hair under a short blonde wig so you can go seat some large tourist groups that are very disgruntled after sitting in traffic on their way to your show. 

5:00- Entertain said disgruntled tourists w/ some singing, tapping, costume changes, and good old fashioned comedy! 

7:30- Experience a little dejavu as you repeat what you did at 3:30 and 5...

10pm- Wonder if you're done yet... 


11pm- Drive home! Crawl into bed and get ready to do it again tomorrow...

But you know... 

As tired as I am in the middle of all that and every day after, I look back at that run down and all I really see is-

7am- Play. 

9am- Play. 

3:30pm- Play. 




I am so insanely blessed. 

Did you read the run down? This day full of playing- that's what I get to call work. That's my job. That is what I do to successfully pay my bills, my mortgage, and even have enough to enjoy my life and shop when I'm not "working"!  

I had a father at work one day say "Man, we come every year and you are always here!" I looked at him and said- "Well... that's a good thing. I still have my job." 

I don't think people realize that performing is in fact my career. It's what I went to school for! And I'm actually making a living doing it- Imagine that! This is not a part time/on the side kind of deal. This is my life! Unorthodox- perhaps.

But I am rocking this life out! 



I am one very lucky lady. 

I'll have to remember to come back and read this every time my long days get the best of me...