A DIY travel map.

Since we moved into our house, I've tried to make it a home. Little touches here and there to fill up the walls in a way that's aesthetically pleasing and personal. I have so much stuff. I really did try to throw out (or donate) the unnecessary so I could make our home a real reflection of us currently rather than a museum of the crap we've collected over the years.

For example-our living room.

I didn't start decorating knowing it was headed this direction, but it became apparent fairly quickly that we had an "adventure is out there" theme going on. Our first Christmas together, I made Casey this piece w/ a bunch of pictures from our first few months together. This, for obvious reasons, has since become my inspiration as I keep adding to the decor in our living room.


After wanting to put up pictures of all our subsequent "adventures", I got the idea to put up a Travel Map.
There's so many out there and some really amazing artists on Etsy that you can go through. But! I decided I wanted to tackle this myself to make it a little more personal. First I got my supplies together. I knew the colors I wanted to go w/ for the room were navy and golden yellow so I found a fabric that matched, some navy card stock, and a big roll of cork board at JoAnn's. The frame was a very affordable purchase from ikea.
I cut the cork board to size and actually laid it out under heavy things for a day in an attempt to get it flat enough to cooperate and get it into the frame. No doubt there was an easier way but after a lot of wrestling, I got the cork board covered in the fabric and into the frame.
To make the map, I used my Silhouette Cameo (which my guy so lovingly refers to as my Cricut on crack) and bought the shape through my design studio application. Easy! Transferring it onto the frame was another headache! Making sure all the pieces were as accurate as possible was just part of the challenge. It took a ridiculous combination of spray adhesive and glue stick, but I finally managed to get it to come out like this-


I'm pretty proud of it. I used my Silhouette to make little flags to attach to thumbtacks that I can push in as our adventures continue.


Nothing like a travel map to really point out that you've got a lot more adventuring to do!


So that's sort of the centerpiece of this ginormous vaulted ceiling wall that will continue to grow into a big wall 'o adventuring in our living room. Now the only question is where we should go next. Any suggestions?