Stitch Fix #2

And just like that, a box at my front door made me feel a little more fashionable... 

Yup. My second Stitch Fix box arrived! (If you missed the first one, with all the explanation and excitement, check it out here!


Box #2 and I'm still so happy I joined in on the fun with this company. I know at least for me, I'm much more likely to pick up a couple boyfriend tshirts from Target than actually put thought into buying a good piece to add to my wardrobe. These fixes force me to consider things I may not have picked out on my own and I just love that. Even with pieces I don't keep, it gives me ideas of what I do and don't like and keeps me from falling into my usual jeans and tshirt rut.

This month's box included 1 pair of pants, 2 tops, and 2 dresses.


1. "Skinny" jeans- SENT BACK! Ok, now, I almost didn't post this picture. But then I thought- I'm not the kind of blogger I think of myself to be if I can't post the good, the bad, and the pudgy. Not that I have anything against skinny jeans. With the exact right pair, they can look great. Even with all my weight loss, it's a real challenge for me to find the right pants. I have very curvy hips and a small waist and my legs taper down to my ankles... So I tend to wear a different size in every brand. And no size in some brands.  These decided to make these very cute rolls all along the backs of my legs. Cute, right? I know, adorable.

2. Blue and white cut out top- Sent back. I actually meant to keep this top when I first tried it on! And then I realized, I kept 2 blue and white tops from my last box. And blue being my favorite color, half of my wardrobe is blue. So I begrudgingly put it in the "send back" envelope. I still love it. The details of the layers in the sleeve were so dainty and airy... Hmmm... should've just kept it. 

3. Green sleeveless tank- Sent back. I didn't really consider keeping this until I saw the picture. That color looks so vibrant and fun in the picture! And, if we're being honest, I thought I came out really cute too so I seriously reconsidered buying it. Problem is- I have a short torso and the top is at least 6 inches too long. Looking back on it now, if I had paired it with skinny jeans, maybe the long length wouldn't have bothered me as much. Man... so many regrets in this fix. I just get nervous about sending things back in time so I make hasty decisions!

4. Lace sleeve dress- Sent back. It looked much better on than I expected it to, it just wasn't exactly my style. I liked the dainty nature of the dress I just couldn't think of where I would wear it. That's normally my final decision maker. The shape of the dress didn't really flatter my fit torso/curvy bottom physique. 

5. 3 quarter sleeve fit & flare dress- KEPT IT! I LOVE this dress. There's nothing particularly showy about it but I just feel sexy in it. The skirt moves so well and the top fits perfectly. I actually wore it to my sister's birthday get together and it was a big hit. For that, I dressed it down w/ a skinny black belt and my black lace Tom's. So versatile! And it's so comfortable, I could sleep in it. Easily my new favorite piece in my closet.

So even though I only kept 1 of the 5 things in my fix, I still thought this box was successful! I love my stylists choices for me and I easily could've kept way more. But I try to be smart about the things I keep and so this time around, I only kept what I absolutely adored. My new dress is well worth it!

Have you tried Stitch Fix yet? If you have, I'd love to hear about your box! If you haven't- what are you waiting for?! Go check it out!