High 5 for Friday.

And so goes another week.

Busy as all, I put in a lot of extra hours this week. Somehow though, I still managed to get a very relaxing 2 day weekend. What?!? Yup, shocked me too!

I'm linking up w/ Laura Elizabeth again for a little High 5 for Friday action.

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I love looking into my camera roll and picking out my week's highlights. Gives me a chance to appreciate them all over again!


1. I posted on Sunday about my 100th day running in a row- still living off that high! In fact, I had every intention of not running on Monday... I'm now on Day 105 and counting...

2. This past Christmas was my first year joining in on the elf on the shelf fun. It was hilarious and inappropriate and we loved every second of it! I took a picture of each day and until now they were stuck on my computer. But thanks to picaboo and a LivingSocial deal- I now have a book! It was a happy mail day!

3. All week, my guy has been working overnights. So on my days off, he slept all day, woke up for lunch/dinner, headed into work as I wound down to go to bed, and got home about the time I was getting up for my run. It's always tough having opposite schedules like that. But my thoughtful guy always left the keurig set up for my morning coffee! Got every morning started w/ a smile.

4. Last night was my sister's birthday gathering. Her birthday isn't until tomorrow but since she'll be off on a little beach getaway w/ her hubby, we celebrated a day early. Since she was a little down about starting the last year in her 20s, I wanted to make her gift something special. So I got her a Giving Key w/ the word "Believe" and I made her a set of "30 by 30" cards and mini scrapbook that will hopefully mean the next year will be full of some fun shenanigans to report!

5. I actually got to spend time in my craft room! I wish I got more time to do this but when it happens, it's so relaxing and magical. It's still a work in progress and there's still more organizing that needs to happen. But it's still my little craft haven and I just adore it.

Now while Friday for most of you means its time for some R & R, today is my Tuesday! I'll actually be pulling a double today working at my full time stage and picking up a shift doing 3 shows over at Hoop Dee Doo. But like I've said in the past- w/ a job like mine, who the hell am I to complain. So excuse me while I exhaust myself doing what I love.

Definitely doesn't suck.