Friday's Fancies- Stars + Stripes

I'm so jealous seeing everyone's posts about enjoying their Independence Day w/ friends and family while I get ready for a long work day. Luckily, I can still celebrate this awesome country of ours (despite crazy political business that I will NEVER get in to because there's no such thing as a "friendly" political conversation) and our freedoms that continue to grow by the day (shout out to marriage equality! Woot woot!) as I go about my daily business.

PLUS! I get to link up to one of my favorites for the first time on the new blog- w/ a 4th of July theme! So it's kinda like celebrating... right?

Sure why not! 

Anyhoot- today I'm linking up over at {long distance loving} w/ {av}. Every Friday, tons of lovely bloggers post a blue sky outfit based around a theme Alison provides. Then we all hop around to everyones posts oogling these outfits we don't actually have. I promise it's fun! I'm really wanting to put in some effort into my personal style. All my clothes are HUGE on me right now since I just lost almost 20 pounds. I seriously look like a ragamuffin 99% of the time. These style posts always inspire me and give me some great ideas!

I used to join in the fun all the time at Cup 'a Hot Chocolate and I'm so excited to continue it now on here. This weeks theme was "Stars + Stripes" to continue the 4th of July Celebrations...

When I started to build my outfit, I had a skirt and heels on there and I thought- that's just crazy! The 4th is a time for summer fun and BBQs w/ friends and being outside to really appreciate this life we get to live! Ooo and fireworks! So if I had gotten to celebrate yesterday, I would've tried to put together an outfit like this... 

And yes, I do know "Keep Calm..." Is a British thing and that sort of defeats the purpose of Independence Day but I think it looks cute! So let's pretend I was making some deep statement with it. Thanks.

I hope the first week of July proved to be a good one for everyone. I can't believe we're halfway through 2013 already.

There's so much going on and so much more to come so I hope you'll all keep popping by to check it out. Don't forget to check out the side bar for all the fun ways you can stay up to date with "By the Seat of my Shorts" happenings!