Stitch Fix #1

It seems everywhere you look, there's some new fancy subscription box out there. 

What's that you say? What's a subscription box? Why, allow me to enlighten you! 

A subscription box is a monthly package that you can sign up for that automatically delivers magical presents to your house every month! Hence the whole "monthly" thing... in case you missed that. It's Christmas. Subscription boxes are Christmas.  

Still not getting it? 

Im shocked. My description was absolutely perfect. 

So there's tons of companies out there- health foods, snack foods, pet supplies, make-up- almost anything you can think of- that have decided to put together these sample boxes. You go to their site, subscribe (and of course pay) and they'll send you whatever that months goods may be. The contents are usually some level of a surprise... Which is why I call them Christmas. Accurate, no?  

Well, I'm not the best at treating myself so I've jumped on this bandwagon as a means to force myself to get things for me. "You will treat yourself, gosh darn-it!" I'm now subscribed to 3 different boxes- a snack centric one, a crafty Project life centric one, and, the topic of today's post, a style centric one! 

*Enter Stitch Fix* 

Insert fanfare here.


Stitch Fix is sort of like a mail order stylist.

Here's how it works:

You go online and set-up a profile. The profile includes a bunch of questions about your likes and dislikes, your body type, the parts of your body you like to accentuate or hide, the styles you like to emulate, the styles you hate, the types of clothing you wish you had more of, and even how much you think is reasonable to spend on certain articles of clothing. You even get to specify other things you don't feel the profile adequately covered in the questions. 

Then- on the date you picked, your card on file is charged a $20 styling fee. That includes the shipping to you and all the work your stylist has put in to hand select the pieces in your fix. 


When you get your box, it will have 5 pieces inside. Each piece also has a small card that shows you ideas of how to style that piece!  


You try everything on and then comes the hard part- deciding what to keep! When you go online to "check out", you apply the $20 styling fee to anything from your box you choose to keep, you get a 25% off discount if you choose to buy all 5 pieces, and what you don't want- you just ship back in the enclosed envelope w/ postage already paid for! 


This. is. brilliant. Best of all, there's no "you're locked in and we're taking your money forever" loop hole. You only get a box if you've scheduled it. AND! I'm told each box only gets better as your stylist keeps getting to know you better based on your likes and dislikes that you give them about all the pieces when you check out. See? Personal stylist! It's amazing.

So here are my pieces from my first box... 


1. Kept it! I LOVE blue so that was a win right off the bat. I said in my profile that comfortable but cute with the ability to dress it up was key. My stylist nailed that in all of my picks!

2. Kept it! This top has jeweled detailing around the neckline which I loved. It fit great and seemed like a step up from my usual ratty t-shirts I usually pair my shorts with. Definitely the direction I'm looking to go in.

3. Sent back. These high waisted shorts were crazy comfortable! I LOVED them! So why did I send them back? I seem to have lost a little more weight than I thought since filling out my profile. They were a smidge on the big side.

4. Sent back. Honestly, the only reason I sent this back was because I already have so many pieces like it. My stylist definitely nailed my style in picking it though! I'm just hoping to expand and diversify the pieces in my wardrobe. 

5. Kept it! I love love love this dress!! It's comfortable and the quality is great and I just can't say enough. It's classic enough that you can dress it up however you want to make it your own. I can't wait to wear it. 

So my first Stitch Fix was huge success!! Now I'm just dying for Fix #2 to get here next month... 

If this seems like something that would interest you, go check them out here!  Or ask me any questions you might have. I've loved my experience with them so far and I'm definitely going to keep subscribing! I'd love to see what kind of goodies you get if you decide to join up to.

Ah! One step closer to actually being a little stylish... 

Thanks Stitch Fix!