The Highs, Lows, and Random Rambles of Last Week

Another week is gone... Where is this year going?!

As I went through this week, I realized I come across so many random little things and thoughts I want to share. I'm not the best at twitter since I have a tendency to be a little long winded (What? I know, crazy!). So I started writing them down so I could share them with you all in a new (hopefully) weekly series I'll be calling-

Highs/Lows/& Random Rambles

I think we appreciate more when we highlight our mini successes and realize how silly some of our down falls may be when we look back at them a few days later. So this is my way of keeping myself accountable on a weekly basis and hopefully inspiring you all to do the same!


I no longer fit into my Lululemon running skirt! It's huge on me and to be honest pretty uncomfortable to run in.

Random Champagne at 10 pm... We had to make a run to Target and decided, why not?


My new Life Planner came in! (More on that soon)


Spending some amazing time with my Best Friend while he was in town.



I don't fit into my lulu lemon running skirt anymore... yes this was on my high list too but I LOVE that skirt! And it was not cheap.

USPS tracking system is a mess. I was so frustrated waiting for my Life Planner to get delivered and the site really was no help.

For the first time in 3 and a half years, I was late to work. By not even a minute and it was pretty inconsequential, but I knew! And it bugs me.

*Random Rambles*

I heard on the radio that Steak & Shake charges $.29 for seasoning on their fries... $.29.... I don't get how they came up with that random number...

Every time I take my cell phone into the bathroom w/ me, I feel like I'm tempting fate. Now you all know, if it falls into the toilet on me, I brought it on myself.


So that's the first week of my little recap type post. On to see what this week will have in store for me. Hoping for more Highs then Lows...

Hope everyone else had a lovely week too and that you're all ready for what may be coming your way next!