High 5 for Friday

Just as I thought, this week was epic and wonderful. 

Next week promises to be even better. 

August has a heck of a whole lot to live up to... 


As I've been perusing around some of the blogs I used to follow and discovering some new exciting and wonderful ones, I came across this fun link-up that happens every Friday. It's hosted by Lauren Elizabeth over on her blog of the same name  and it's called "High 5 for Friday."

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It's pretty much exactly like my Highs/ Lows/ & Random Rambles posts I've been doing every Sunday. So instead of that Sunday recap, you all get to hear about my awesome week a couple days early! Plus it gives me the chance to link-up and meet some awesome bloggers I haven't had the pleasure of meeting yet.

(If you're new around here, take look around! Check out my intro post to learn a little more about my big move to this new blog I just started last month!)


So without further ado, my first ever High 5 for Friday! 


1. I got to go out w/ some of my favorite guy friends! I'm such a homebody, I NEVER go out, especially Downtown. But a fun night out w/ a couple Mich Ultras was just what the doctor ordered. Oh, and there was dancing. Of course there was dancing.

2.  Quality time w/ my Bentley Pooch Face! Normally, Casey takes him to get his nails clipped. Since it was his birthday week, I tried to help out a little extra and I took Bentley instead. So clearly, a car photo shoot was a must to document the occasion. 

3. Took my sweets out for a birthday dinner. Somehow, we end up at BJ's more often than not. It probably has something to do w/ that 8 beer taster set you can order... 

4. My guy's Birthday Beerpong party. There was beerpong, corn hole, buffalo turkey dip, a homemade cake, and Cards Against Humanity w/ some great people. I like to think it was a successful shindig. Plus! We actually got to spend 2 whole days off together... That NEVER happens. Such a treat.

5. The piece de resistance- Seeing Dave Matthews Band in concert! This was his birthday present and it was extra special since we hadn't seen him in 3 years- since our first date ever. Yeah, that's right. Our first date ever was to a Dave Matthews Band concert. Talk about setting the bar pretty high... He's lived up to and pushed it even higher ever since. :) "Sooooo damn lucky..." See what I did there?

So there it is folks! My week in a nutshell. A week celebrating my love. 

How was everyone else's week?