Fresh start...

Recently, I've wanted so badly to keep up with my blog. I would visit it and look through old posts wondering what else to do. I loved it. I put so much work into learning how it works, how the blog world functions, how to make it look as adorable as humanly possible. It was my little creative baby. I started Cup 'a Hot Chocolate in the winter of 2009...

Needless to say- a lot has changed since then.

Just when there were countless things going on that I could blog about, I stopped. I didn't know why it was so hard for me to go back and post. It just felt awkward and forced  and a bit like a chore. Then I started thinking- maybe I was done with that blog.

It took me a long time to accept that, after all the work I put into it. I actually established this new account over 6 months ago! 6 months of trying to close that book and move on. I had to accept that most of my old followers may not automatically jump over to this new blog and want to keep following. That just because they liked what the old blog was about, didn't necessarily mean that they would like this new one.

But more importantly than any of that- just because I'm done with Cup 'a Hot Chocolate doesn't mean I'm done blogging! Theres still loads to say and share- so its time to get back to it!

So enough of all this wordy garbage, no one wants to read all that tiny violin stuff any hoot!

Welcome to "By the Seat of my Shorts!"

It may be a new blog on a new platform but expect to find more of that candid honesty with a bit of humor that you've grown to love in my posts! Being a homeowner in my twenties, expect foibles of first time homeownership, craftiness that can be described as nothing short of winging it, the trial and errors of an amateur's journey to weight loss and healthy living, and the sitcom-esque stories that can only come from my life.

Time for a new journey! Here goes nothing...

Oh and, bear with me... I have no idea how to work this platform yet.