Remember When- First Time Home Buyer Edition...

Happy Saturday!

Or as it is in my world, Tuesday... Disney work weeks make no sense. But once you get used to them- it's the real week that makes no sense.

I'm quickly approaching the 1 year anniversary of buying my first home. That's so hard to believe- 1 whole year of making little adjustments, adding home-y touches, painting walls, pulling weeds... somehow I still feel like it looks like I just moved in.

Baby steps.

When I first moved in I had to fight hard against my Homeowner's ADD. I couldn't stick to any one project long enough to see it through and I was frustrated that I didn't have the financial means to do everything I wanted. I still don't! I bought a house, remember?

But like in so many things in life, when you get overwhelmed it's important that you look back. See where you started and you'll actually be able to see how far you've come.

So as I stress over wanting to redo the kitchen, finish the guest room, get the house painted, and find a way to fence in the yard without losing the view- I thought it would be the perfect time to share the pictures from the first couple of days after I got the keys to my home.

This is my home.

It's come a very long way from those empty rooms w/ just a little paint on the walls... and that thought makes me smile. Maybe I have made some strides.

I have to say, I'm lucky to have an incredible handyman by my side helping me out. Let's be honest- there's only so much a 5 foot nothing girl can get accomplished on her own.

And I couldn't be more proud of the work and love we've put in to every inch of it so far. Here's to another year of mini renovations and continuing to make this little house a home.

I can do it! One project at a time...