Skinny in the Kitchen- Bangin' Shrimp!

I shouldn't put this into the universe, but! I've never been one to maintain a big weight loss for long. I have fantastic will power and I can try and will stick to just about any diet you throw at me! However- I've come to consider myself a professional weight yoyo-er. Not something I'm proud of but it's the truth.

I think it's because, to put it plain and simply, I love food! They say diets don't work, it has to be a lifestyle change- There's not a chance in this world that I'll ever give up my favorite comfort foods for good. Ordinarily at this point, I'm in quite the predicament...

Until now-
Apparently, being healthy and fit is in style! It's now cool to eat better. Who knew that would become a "thing"? So everywhere you look, there's a healthy alternative recipe for whatever you're craving. The right recipe can cut out a couple hundred calories and that makes a huge difference.

Plus!! Pinterest puts all the best healthy cook blogs right at our finger tips. Hallelujah! Staying thin never looked so easy. Or cute on a pin board.

Enter my "Skinny Eats" Pinterest board... (Feel free to go check it out and even follow it!)

Please note- I won't be reposting any recipes in their entirety on here. I'll just be sharing my own photos and my experience attempting them. These are not my own recipes and I'll always include the link back to the site it originally came from. I merely share my adventures so you all can hopefully be inspired and see that anyone can cook skinny!

After much consideration, I decided the first "skinny recipe" I'd attempt would be the Bangin' Grilled Shrimp Skewers from the brilliant Gina at

Here's the original pin- 

These are a skinny alternative to the Bang Bang Shrimp they serve over at Bone Fish Grill. I'm a huge fan of that shrimp so when I came across this recipe, I repinned it immediately. And I am so glad I did!!! These little puppies are delicious.


I was a little scared that the recipe called for sriracha. I know people love it but holy crap that stuff is so flippin spicy! But the little bit of it that the recipe calls for is the perfect amount of kick. I seriously could make a vat of the sauce and use it on everything. That's actually not such a bad idea...


We had it with some garlic and herb quinoa and I thought it paired together perfectly. The shrimp has such kickin' flavor that you just don't need a fancy side with it. Something just as a light base to put the shrimp on is all you'll want so you can really appreciate this sauce. There's a reason the name of the recipe is "Bangin'." (Ooo! And that's my new patio set! More on that soon...)

So my first Skinny recipe attempt was a huge success! Here's hoping I'll have a lot more to share as I keep trying to finish up and then maintain my weight loss. So far so good... Only the rest of my life to go...