Training week 6.

**Please understand I am writing this still in my negative Nancy, post 11 mile run mood...** 

Screw this all. 

I'm short, I have short legs, I can't run, this was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad idea. 

And now that that's out of the way... 

So I may have had a rough week. 

This week's runs were two 4 mile runs, one 5 mile run, and an 11 miler on Wednesday. No extra work outs once again. It was all I could muster to get in my gaining runs! I'm feeling a little worn down to be honest. 

And with that "worn down" attitude I set out for my 11 mile run. My 10 miler had gone so well, I was sure 11 would be just fine! I'd done a few 10 milers in the past as my longest leading up to a half marathon but I've never done 11 miles outside of a half marathon. I wanted to cry and throw myself at the mercy of the next moving vehicle by about mile 4.  

How is that even possible? I do up to 7 miles on a regular basis and yet here I was dying by mile 4.

Well, let me tell you a little something about the brain.  If you feed it a negative thought, it's like a freaking gremlin with water after midnight. Seriously! I could not get out of my own way. I was convinced I had to quit. I was convinced I was incapable of running even another block let alone another 7 miles.

So I texted my guy and he fed my brain just what it needed. 



Anything nonsensical to stop my brain from attacking itself incessantly for the next 7 miles.  And it worked! (If you haven't seen this video, check it out!)

My biggest enemy when I train is my negativity. I can be my own biggest cheerleader most days but I can also rip myself to shreds like no one else could dream. And running is such a mind game. We are capable of so much more than we know if we could just get out of our own way. And that's exactly what I had to do on this 11 miler. 

Such a challenge for me and likely for any amateur runner. But such an invaluable lesson. It's good to have a few tricks in my back pocket, like "Baby monkey", when I need a good distraction to get back on track while I'm out there on my longer runs. 

Thank goodness for that handsome guy. 

As for me treat- 

That same good looking guy treated this whiny chick to Bone Fish Grill for dinner! 

A glass of malbec, a delicious tilapia dinner, and a pumpkin creme brûlée was just what the doctor ordered after a really tough 11 miles.

Next week is 12... I'm determined to not let this week's experience color my training as I keep moving forward... 

RunKeeper says there's 65 days until the Disney Full Marathon... 

Just keep running, folks!