A Miami wedding photo extravaganza.

Holy end of November...

I'm finding it so hard to come to grips with the fact that tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I swear it was just New Years. But! Since I'm of the mindset that it isn't Christmas time until Santa makes his way down the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade route- bring on Turkey Day!!

I think everyone's lives explode at this time of year but it always takes me by surprise. No matter how many years I experience crazy busy holidays, when they come back around I feel ill prepared... There's just no being ready for it. For example- My work schedule in the last 48 hours alone had me performing Disney Jr Live on Stage 20 times. 20. Times. Cap that off with ore marathon training and Thanksgiving Day baking and I'm gonna need to add some hours to the day.

So! Rather than stressing myself out trying to get some random post organized, I thought I'd take a minute to share some pictures from my childhood best friend's wedding that was just a couple weeks ago! Both my sister and I had the pleasure of being bridesmaids and standing by her side on her special day. It was a page out of a fairy tale. Over the top and beautiful and no doubt the best wedding the Miami Ritz has ever seen! We had an amazing time supporting our best friend and her now hubby and spending time with so many incredible people. 


A beautiful bride, an incredible family, and one unbelievable party!

Congratulations Jossie & Andrew!