Training week 5.

Happy Halloween, everyone!! 

I had a cold this week. 

A pretty bad one. 

Fevers, colored gunk, had to call in sick to work, was stuck on the couch, brought out the netipot- the whole shebang! 

That being said, I did not miss a single run this week. 

Maybe I would've healed sooner if I had. Maybe I wouldn't still be coughing today. 

Still, I don't regret a single step I took out there putting in my miles. In fact I actually felt like I had some great training runs this week! I'm happy I saw I could get through a week like this so I kind of feel like whatever the weeks ahead look like, I can get through it! 

This weeks training runs included two 3 milers, one 5 mile run, and the long was a 10 miler. No supplemental workouts this week since I had the plague.


My short runs sucked. Every walking break I had I would break in to a coughing fit and I just wanted to quit and go home. But like I said, if I could get through 3-5 miles feeling like that? I can get through a run on any other craptastic day I may be having! 

Long run Wednesday was amazing! I didn't think about it till I was out running but this was the first time I ran more than 8 miles since probably February when I did my last half marathon.  The weather was perfect too. Not too hot and pretty breezy for Central Florida. I couldn't have dreamed up better conditions to run 10 miles in.


Best of all- my playlist was doing that magical "We know what song you need to hear next" thing. Any time I've done a half marathon, the shuffle of my playlist becomes a crazy mind reading wizard. Seriously. During my last half marathon, as I came up on the mile 13 mile marker, my music chose to play Disney's Princess and the Frog, "Almost There." What?! Today, just as I started the last half mile of my run, Sara Bareilles' "Chasing the Sun" came on! Absolute perfection. Do you ever have serendipitous moments with your music? It's one of my favorite happy coincidences.

As for this week's special treat.. 2 words for you-

Halloween. Candy. 


Yup. 10 miles means I'll be indulging in a few of these fun sized bad boys. 

I think having these long runs right around all of these treat heavy holidays is one of the smartest things ever! So much less guilt! Might just have to do this every year... 

Next week- 11 miles. What's one more mile than I just did? No sweat!

Well, lots of sweat... but... well, you know. 

RunKeeper says there are 73 days until the Disney Full...