The week I barely stopped to sleep.

Holy exhale, Batman. 

I realize things were fairly quiet around here last week. I promise I have good reasons! This has been one of the most nonstop weeks I've had in a very, very long time. 

So nonstop, in fact, that I feel the need to take today to walk you all through the epic-ness that was my week of October 13th! 

Hang on, kiddies! It was one hell of a week.


Sundays are my Thursdays- it started as it usually does with a 4.1 mile training run and one of my show shifts at Disney. 5 performances of Disney Jr Live on Stage entertaining the little ones on vacation! Always fun but that was business as usual.

Then, I ran home to get in a couple hours of prep work on my big project! My "weekend" (which is actually Tuesday/Wednesday) would be the days I'd actually do the project but I had to spend any free time I had before then prepping the space. This way, I could just hit the ground running on Tuesday morning. 


Yup. Disaster area.

But! No time to get too much of that done because I was off to Universal's Halloween Horror Nights with my sister and our good friend Ty.


To say we had fun would be quite the understatement. We laughed, and were scared, and drank, and had ice cream, and were more scared, and laughed some more till just after 1 o'clock in the morning! 

If you're playing at home, I was up at 6 am for my training run...


Up early once again for a 3.1 mile training run before heading into Disney. As luck would have it, I only had to do 3 shows that morning! So my level of sleepy tired-ness did not impede knowing a few shows out! Thank goodness. Very easy morning! 

Then back home for some more kitchen prepping- removing cabinet doors and taping off edges before getting ready to head to Epcot for their Food & Wine Festival with 2 of my really good friends- Shawn and Roxanne!


Food & Wine is one of my favorite times of year though its not so great on my pocket book. Every kiosk is devoted to a different country and their cuisine as well as their beverages! It doesn't seem so bad at first when each little dish is less than $4 dollars and each drink is from $6-8ish... but holy poot does it add up quick!  

So deliciously worth every penny though! 

But the truth is, I wanted to go specifically this night just to see WILSON PHILLIPS!!!! 


Ughhhhh! Elementary school me with her cassette player was going fangirl nutty when they started singing you guys. 

Luckily, Disney does not party quite like Universal so I was home by 10pm! 

Just in time to finish setting up the kitchen and reread the instructions for products I'd be using for big project weekend! 


Day 1 of the big secret project!!! Which isn't a secret anymore so I can go ahead and tell you-

I did a mini kitchen makeover!!

I'll be doing a whole post just on this undertaking so I won't go too in depth or reveal too much today. It's involvement in today's post is merely to demonstrate the craziness of the week. 

So Tuesday! I was determined to get the cabinets done but I really only managed to get the framework and the first coat on the cabinet doors before heading to the dinner show I work at for a night of work.


I got out of work at about 10:30pm and headed home to prime the countertops since that would be Wednesday's undertaking and the primer had to set for 8 hours! 

Woo! Another day down!


If you follow my training posts, you'll know Wednesdays are my long run days. So I got up at 6 am to head out for my 7 mile training run! Since I knew I'd be hard at work on my project all day and I started the day off by burning over 600 calories, I decided to treat myself to a Dunkin Donuts Pumpkin Coolatta and multigrain bagel with cream cheese. Breakfast of champions. But! Calories in/ calories out. As long as I keep that up, I should be good to go!


Post breakfast, I jumped right in to countertop work. That paint had to dry for 4 hours before the top coat could be applied, so I took that time to do the last 2 coats on the cabinet doors! That left me just enough time to do the first layer of the top coat on the countertops before heading back for another night at the dinner show I work at. Off at 10:30 again and home to get the last coat of sealer on the countertops before going to bed...


Back to Disney to start my work week! 5 shows for the mouse first thing in the morning. Just another manic Monday! 

But really Thursday. 

But- my Monday. 

Are you still with me? 

After work, I had about an hour to go home and let my pooch out and start figuring out how I was going to drill the holes for the new cabinet hardware. Then my sister and her husband picked me up for a night out to Universal's Halloween Horror Nights yet again with a bunch of our friends.


Alright, this is where things really start to get crazy.

While I was at work earlier that day, I found out the first guest cruise my guy was supposed to be on was cancelled due to some scheduling difficulties... I was sort of in a panic not knowing if that meant his work trip would be extended even longer so I sent him a frantic email and was not so patiently waiting for a response the rest of the day. 

Late that night, while we were out an about doing all the scary stuff, I got an email from my guy! Slight change of plans- they'd be in port the next day and he'd be home Friday night before having to go back for another week or a week and a half!!!! 

AHHHH! So excited! I'd get to see him a week before I expected. Even if just for a moment, who cares?!?

Then I remembered- 

The kitchen is a disastrous renovation zone... 

And he has no idea because it was supposed to be a surprise. 

Oh great. 

I should preface this by saying, Casey is not the kind of person that would've cared IN THE LEAST that he came home to utter disaster. But I'm a touch on the crazy side, so I HAD to get it done. 

So after getting out of Horror Nights at 1:15ish am, I stayed up till 4 am because I Was determined to get the hardware on all the cabinet doors and drawers. 


I had a 3 mile training run on my schedule and I sure did still get up at 7 am and do it to it. Told you- crazy. I figured that was the best way to really get up and going so I could get the kitchen done before going to work the afternoon shift at Disney. I was in at 1:50 pm so I had about 4 hours to get the cabinets up, clean everything, and get it finished up! So I got to work and didn't stop until I was done.


Success! (I'm saving the full pictures for the big reveal post. You'll just have to wait till then. But I will say I'm extremely proud of how it all came out! And even more proud that I somehow got it all done a week before I originally intended to!)

So off to work I went... And when I came home, this guy was there.


His month has been nonstop working on the ship so we just ordered in a pizza and relaxed on the couch. But I could not have asked for anything more.

We passed out on the couch by 10pm.


A full day of both Disney and the dinner show. Casey got to come off the boat specifically for a wedding in Sarasota and because I had to work a double, no wedding for me! However- we had a special visitor at Capone's that night.  


Yup. Buzz Aldrin was in the audience of my show that night. So I guess I'm glad I worked my tail off that day. 

As luck would have it, Casey left the wedding a little early so he could get home for one more night before having to head back to the ship Sunday morning.

I love that guy. 


Finally, Sunday morning started with a relaxing cup of coffee on the couch with my love before having to say good bye for one last week (or week and a half) of ship work. 


Crazy, crazy week. But I would not trade a single second of it. 

Now, a giant exhale and back to my regularly scheduled programming.