Five on Friday.

I've officially made it halfway and only have 2 weeks until my guy comes home... 

Not that I'm counting down or anything. 

I really have managed to keep myself so busy that time is going much faster than I expected. In fact, I gave myself a huge to do list for these 4 weeks and I've done next to none of it. I'm crossing my fingers that this week is not more of the same because I have some big projects to bang out!! (I promise you will know more on this very soon)

This week was packed. I am exhausted and my eyes are wanting to close as I type this. STILL! It's Friday and I am determined to get this week in review post up! Toothpicks in place, now lets recap a fun week! 

{ONE}   (Photo Credit: Ricky Stern Photography) I've mentioned a couple times this week the bridal shower I went home for. I think my favorite thing about it was catching up with some of the incredible women I grew up around. I grew up as a dancer. I practically lived at the dance studio, I competed, and I had zero time for a "social life" outside of my dance schedule. I would not trade any of that for all the money in the world! ... Well, let's be honest, money would be great, but the point of this story is that I had an incredible childhood. This group of people is a testament to that. I love them all so very much and wish occasions like this pooped  up more often. But I'm happy to take advantage of the time I do get!


{TWO}  Mommy & Me time! This NEVER happens. But every now and then the stars align, my Abuelita is busy elsewhere, my sister isn't in town, and I get to spend one on one time with my mom. I know I'm lucky that I have them in the same state and I frequently take that for granted. But when I have a little time to just sit around and talk to her (or my dad for that matter!) I really try to take it in and appreciate it.   That time is invaluable! I feel like it's the hispanic way to be very concerned with what other people think and to be very set in certain cultural schools of thought. But when it's just me and her, away from anyone else and the urge to get gossipy, I feel like we can really connect in the best and most honest way. I like that.


{THREE}   Before the twins were born, I sent their mamas a care package with 2 onesies and 2 stuffed animals- 1 set was Mickey Mouse and the other was Tigger. Well this adorable little picture got posted on Facebook this week and it melted my heart!! It's so tough to know they're getting bigger every day and we're states away missing all the little moments. Pictures like this help though! Makes me feel like we're close by and still apart of those moments. :)


 {FOUR}      Cuban breakfast is worth cheating. Always. Hands down. No exceptions. This little gem from home was a cafe con leche (Cuban coffee served with milk and LOTS of sugar), tostada (toasted, buttered Cuban bread), and a croqueta de pollo (a chicken croquette... Most people go with ham but I've always been partial to chicken). I'm about to go to bed and seeing this picture makes my mouth water. It also makes me believe that I'd be willing to punch babies for another breakfast like this.*

*I promise I wont actually punch babies. Really. I can be trusted with your little ones, I promise. I'm one of the least violent people I know. The statement was purely for dramatic affect. I hope I made my point clear. 


{FIVE}  When you're starting to fall into a mopey mood and one of your favorite girlfriends asks if you want to go out to drinks after work, the answer should always be yes. And when more amazing ladies join and everyone orders something different for the whole table to share PLUS the bar runs out of mini pitchers so decides you should have a normal sized pitcher filled with Sangria instead- the night is sure to be nothing short of magical. See also: Run on sentences can be fun. :) Point is, Im never disappointed when I suck it up and stay up late for a girls' night. I'm so lucky to have incredible women in my life. I love you ladies!!

Woot! Another week bites the dust! 

I really don't mean to be THAT girl that counts how many sleeps are left till he gets back... 

Buuuuuuuut I so am. 

So bite me. 

The "mope" is settling in hardcore and I'm feeling a little blue. It's a good thing I have something planned for EVERY NIGHT of this coming week. Between seasonal outings and special secret projects, I have no doubt I'll blink and I'll be quizzically putting together another 5 on Friday post... 

Hopefully this time next week I'll be saying the project got done without a hitch and all my outings took place without a single pound of weight gain! 

Yeah... Let's put that into the universe... 

Meh. A girl can dream. 

Now- entertain me so I can fill even my inbetween crazy moments down time. :) 

Happy weekend, everyone!