What I Wore Wednesday #4.

This post could also be titled "My ongoing battle w/ sports bras." 

Happy October, everyone! 

It being October is pretty bittersweet with my guy on his trip. This is his favorite month and I've always both loved and hated getting to see him in his October mode. He usually throws these epic annual parties where he and a good friend of his design and build a spectacle of a Halloween experience- stage for performers AND haunts included. A VERY time demanding undertaking but always worth it in the end. This year's schedule means not only was that not an option, but the usual Halloween tour-o-activities will be pretty difficult. So I'll just have to try to enjoy October in my own way!

This week's What I Wore may not seem like much but it's an example of one of my small successes in my attempt to not dress like a slob into work every day... Well, a success AND a highlight of my ongoing battle w/ sports bras. 

pleated poppy

Boys, this will mean nothing to you. Sorry bout it! But for the ladies- it is a truth of life that you cannot wear a sports bra w/ 90% of the things you wear... this happens to be a truth I refuse to accept. No matter how ridiculous I may look. :/ I refuse to have to change my bra when I get to work and I have to wear a sports bra for show. SO! My outfits every day always feature a sports bra...



lol I am such a mess and this is a perfect example of that! 

Meh. One success at a time, I suppose. 

These jeans, however, are my new favorites! Boyfriend jeans from Gap that I picked up on my big shopping spree last month. I'm in love! I could wear them every day. Wearing pants that fit... what a concept! I could get used to it... 

And some day I'll even make better bra choices too!