A 6th "month-iversary" love letter...

Last week marked 6 months since we got married.

Time is flying and while it's so cliche- it's been 6 of my favorite months ever. Not much has happened. It's been pretty much business as usual. But it's been my first 6 months of life as a wife and that in itself is disgustingly perfect.

I honestly replay the wedding day and really, the whole week, constantly when my thoughts stray. I love it. I know so many brides that talk about how their wedding day is such a blur and they hardly remember it.

I remember so much of that day.

So many feelings, and anxiety about the weather and literally refreshing my weather app nonstop, and feeling like a lot of the time I was just sitting and being extra quiet in an effort to take it all in. To remember the looks of my 2 brides-men bawling their eyes out all day long. The smell of lavender from when my sister plugged in her essential oil diffuser because we all needed to chill out. The plugged in iphones playing random songs and my favorite people dancing to them. So many teeny tiny moments.

Possibly one of my favorite memories of the entire day was when the guests decided to clink their glasses for the first time of the evening. Casey had taken the opportunity to go to the bathroom since there was a lull in activity and my new Father-in-law had come by the sweetheart "loveseat and coffee table" to say hi. I remember looking up at my guests and laughing because of course they chose the one moment that my guy was MIA. And then I saw him, RUNNING from the back of the tent, to get to me as fast as he could because he didn't want to miss that kiss. I'll never forget that image or the giggly "little girl in love" feeling that I was caught up in.

Thank goodness he had gotten black Pumas for all the guys to wear with their tuxes.

I think I remember so much because the 1st full day we were in Jamaica, I made it a point to sit with my coffee and write down, moment for moment, everything I could remember about that week. And Casey totally indulged me and let me. But getting to spend a little time, just really downloading the memories into pen and paper, helped solidify some of my favorite memories ever. They're so vivid and I want to just keep replaying them so I don't lose any of them. Like desperately holding on to those marbles from Inside Out.

For any of you lovely people out there getting ready to get married, I highly recommend you take the time to do this. Stop that day, take it all in, and take a little time in the days that follow to write it down to commit it to memory.

Photography- By the Robinsons

Photography- By the Robinsons

I'm so glad I did.

To many more magical months and years to come.

How practicing positivity snuck up on me...

Today's post wont be a very long one.

It's this idea and concept that's been following me around for a while. It keeps popping up in every aspect of my life and it seems something so obvious that I just overlooked it my whole life.

Until now.

Everything in our lives, especially the good stuff, requires practice. It's not enough to just "be" something, as is my aim this year, but rather we need to actually practice the things we're hoping to cultivate more of in our life.

Such a vague concept, I know, but I promise this will make much more sense with my story.

As most all of you know, I've been a Beachbody coach for over a year now. My hands down favorite part of my coaching has been leading the monthly challenge groups of fellow booty kickers. I'm not a fitness professional. I think of myself more as the little league coach that makes sure the team shows up and stays motivated!

So every day for the past year and a half, I've posted positivity to my group. It's really second nature at this point and I don't think much about it. I wake up, I think about what happened in the group the day before, and I post things that I think will help them remember that it's a new day and they can keep working toward their fitness goals no matter what! Just about every day for a year and a half.

Now, I've been very lax with myself since the wedding. While my workouts have still been happening, my nutrition has been pretty "pizza and beer on the weekends" heavy. Awww the Newlywed life.

I know I'm not alone when I say I will occasionally turn sideways at myself in the mirror to check out "where I'm at," a sort of gut check, if you will. lol Well! The other day, I knew I was ready to get back to business, I walked into the bathroom, turned sideways and thought- "Hmm! Nothing you can't bounce right back from!"

What? Who is this person?!? I didn't miss a beat and just automatically jumped right to a positive outlook on it. And let's be honest, there's work to be done. But I hadn't really seen the results of my daily positivity practice until then. Holy cow! I honestly and whole heartedly believed in myself and my strength without needing to gear up to it. What a difference a year and a half can make.

Are you putting the habits you want to cultivate into daily practice? Make each day count, friends. The practice will no doubt pay off and take you by surprise one day.